Introducing Michael

Seuraava postaus tulee olemaan englanniksi, sillä se on Michaelin omin pikkukätösin kirjoittama. Toivottavasti pidätte!

Finally Michael promised to write a post in my blog, so I hope you enjoy!


Hello, Michael. 26 years old and from Germany.

Living in Finland since 3 years now. I’m a self-employed webdesigner since 4 years and have a company registered in Finland. I also study international business at the Arcada UAS in Helsinki, now in the 3rd year.

You are not from Finland. So why?

I love the nature, the weather (yes I like winter), the culture and the easy-going lifestyle here. First I came just for an exchange semester for 4 months. But I pretty much falled for it within a week and decided to come back – so here I am.

Name three things what you like to do on your spare time

Mountainbiking, camping, sauna, meeting friend, learning about business and investing – well that was now already five things.

Three most important things in your life

I – because I need to life in my skin.

Essi – cause I need to live with her :) No, just kidding, because she is my girlfriend of course.

And the third thing… my business. It is my baby (until I get a real kid of course).

What you think has changed in your behavior/persona since being in a relationship? How about in Essi’s?

Got definetely more tolerant for other people and their choices of life. Learned new things (yes, makeup-stuff but also cooking or style in general)

For Essi I don’t know really.. She got more adult, more patient, more sophisticated BUT that was maybe because she got 2 years older anyway in that time. No idea if this was really me or just developement in general.

Do you think your style (clothing) has improved since being with Essi?

Don’t really know, but I guess it has.. ask someone else than me…

(Essi: Yes it has! Much already but still little to do)



Cooking or restaurant?

Depends. Now cooking because more quality for money. Later most likely restaurant because no time and nerve for cooking myself anymore. My master-solution anyway: My own personal chef.

Laptop or good book?

My laptop is full of good books and I like to look up the stuff I read in the internet as well.

City or countryside?

Both. Perfect would be a flat in the city and cottage in the country side. Then 3-4 days a week in the city and the other 3-4 days in the countryside.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Much more successful and sophisticated in almost everything I do. And more fit.

How you feel about the wedding?




Onko vielä jotain mitä haluaisit kysyä Michaelilta? (voit kysyä suomeksi, käänän kyllä)

Is there anything else you want to ask from Michael?

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